Design + Construction Strategies

Enterprise Building Information Management

Building data can do more.


Building stakeholders with the right information at the right time to anticipate lifecycle expenses, space management needs and other business requirements.

How DCStrategies Unlocks Information


Design and construction projects are frequently documented using BIM (Building Information Modeling).  Companies can take advantage of the useful data in BIM to run their buildings and businesses more efficiently.   DCStrategies can develop a process to exchange BIM data with facility data systems.

Capabilities include:

  • BIM management and Project Execution Plan development
  • Developing guidelines and standards for reviewing, storing and updating BIM data
  • Data exchange with GIS and facilities management systems
  • Peer review of design and construction models



Many organizations need a better way for building planners and occupants to communicate.  DCStrategies works with organizations to evaluate facility related work processes to  make project execution more efficient.

Capabilities include:

  • Deploying web-enabled collaboration sites to foster communication
  • Mapping project execution work processes
  • Developing documentation and training to support capability development


Missions evolve.  Planning, design and construction work processes should too.

Capabilities include:

  • Documenting complex work processes across multiple lines of businesses
  • Identifying critical paths, resource constraints, and opportunities for productivity gains
  • Developing requirements for business process and technology improvements to implement recommendations

Process reform and modernization is the key to managing change for the built environment.  DCStrategies performs comprehensive reviews of existing business processes and recommends modernization strategies.  We focus on understanding existing work processes and leverage existing technologies to help organizations work better and faster.


Projects should be conceived and born with thoughtful purpose.  Integrating project requirements into clear scopes of work for planners, designers and contractors is essential for successful outcome.

DCStrategies specializes in reviewing planning, design and project delivery practices.  We identify core user constituencies and find ways to leverage their capabilities, align business processes and integrate requirements.

Capabilities include:

  • Documenting existing project development and delivery processes
  • Benchmarking industry practices
  • Highlighting strengths and identifying opportunities for improvement


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