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COBie Toolkit
The COBie Toolkit produces COBie v2 deliverables in conjunction with Revit model development. The template provides a non-automated means to capture COBie development in Revit, export data to a text file, and facilitate eventual intake into spreadsheets. The development of a data-rich BIM model for eventual FM handover necessitates grounded discussions and planning amongst the project team. The realm of digital, non-graphic data development and delivery in the AEC process is new and developing, and will evolve and mature considerably in the next few years. COBie is a general framework for data exchange or delivery. Each project must tailor its goals for the resources and requirements of the project, and for the continuing lifecycle needs and capabilities of the owner/operator.
  • Installs into new and existing Revit project models
  • Creates Revit parameters for objects that need to track COBie data fields
  • Contains an update macro that can keep parameters in sync with a set of standard COBie fields
  • Provides export capabilities to a COBie formatted text file for intake into a MS Excel COBie spreadsheet
Getting Started
The download provides you with a zip format file containing an executable file (setup.exe) which will install the Revit COBie add-in application. It also contains a User’s Guide (PDF) which details how to use the application, plus a list of all the support files installed. Download and open the COBie zip file, extract the files to your computer, and run the installer. For more detailed instructions see the User’s Guide.
View the Presentation
View a PowerPoint overview of the Revit COBie Toolkit
  • COBie Toolkit for Revit 2013 (64-bit)
  • COBie Toolkit for Revit 2013 (32-bit)
  • COBie Toolkit for Revit 2012 (64-bit)
  • COBie Toolkit for Revit 2012 (32-bit)
  • COBie Toolkit for Revit 2011
  • Revit Parameter Converter for MHS Data
Initial Release for Revit 2012: 14-Oct-2011
Initial Release for Revit 2011: 31-Jan-2011
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