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SEPS BIM Tool is a Revit add-in that automates the creation, placement, and validation of medical equipment within a BIM model. The add-in helps to reduce costs and improve productivity by automating tasks that currently take many man hours and identifying errors earlier in the design process. The Space and Equipment Planning System (SEPS) is a health facility planning tool jointly developed by the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs. SEPS information is maintained in a database and distributed to designers as two Excel files (a list of space requirements and a list of equipment requirements) which are unique to each facility. This functional planning approach defines the requirements necessary for the facility to meets its operational goals in terms of spaces and equipment.
  • Automates the creation of BIM objects using external data
  • Automates the placement of BIM objects based on external requirements
  • Validates BIM attributes, such as object location, against external requirements
Getting Started
To get started with the SEPS BIM tool, download the zip file and uncompress to a directory on your PC. The download provides you with a zip format file which contains an executable file (.exe) that will install the Revit SEPS BIM Tool add-in application in to your PC, along with a User’s Guide (PDF), a sample Revit model, and sample PS spreadsheet files (.xls). Refer to the User’s Guide for more detailed information about installation and using the tool.
See the Video
View a video demonstration of the SEPS BIM Tool Revit Application
  • SEPS BIM Tool for Revit 2012
  • SEPS BIM Tool for Revit 2011
Initial Release for Revit 2012: 01-Aug-2011
Initial Release for Revit 2011: 31-Jan-2011
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